Are you enjoying your life as a mother?

 Do you sometimes feel exhausted, frustrated, resentful or burnt out?

Or are you simply not enjoying it as much as you'd like to?

Have you let go of your own needs?

Do you often feel guilty?

Have you become serious and lost the spark and fun in life?

Would you like to understand your own feelings and your child/ren's feelings more?

Would you love to do more of what you love (without feeling guilty?)

Would you like to feel more connected with other mothers?

In 2015, I created an 8 module online course, running over 16 weeks, designed to help mothers with all of these.

It combined videos, audios, Evernotes, PDFs, an amazingly supportive FB group and webcasts.

It started off at $199 and over the years became $320.

And then I finished the LAST ever LIVE round.

I LOVE the LBAM material, and I didn't want to let it go completely, and I wanted to make it MORE ACCESSIBLE for more mothers.

Not everyone wants to sign up for a course for 16 weeks, or join in with webcasts, or be a part of a Facebook group.

And as busy mothers, it can often be hard to make time for that kind of commitment.


So I made a STREAMLINED version consisting of an EBOOK and MEDITATIONS.


It contains ALL the ESSENTIAL information in a CONCISE and ACCESSIBLE format.

There are 8 chapters in the ebook:

1 ~ CHANGING Cultural Core Convictions

2 ~ BANISH Punishing Yourself!

3 ~ LOVE Your Feelings

4 ~ LOVE what you Want

5 ~ LOVE Your Child's Feelings

6 ~ Do What YOU Love

7 ~ Have FUN!

8 ~ Create Celebration and COMPASSION

At the end of each chapter are questions for self-reflection and inner healing.

EACH chapter is followed by TWO meditations.

The first works on an inner mind level to help you make the changes referred to in the chapter.

The second one is the archetype of The Divine Mother talking to you about that chapter.


The 86 page ebook is available in two PDF formats - one is for printing (no pics!) and the other has images and is designed for virtual viewing.

As for the meditations, you can listen online or download them and listen offline.

They vary from 5 minutes to 17 minutes. There's about 163 minutes of meditations in total!

Here's a sample, to give you a sense of what they're like.

My name is Marion Rose and I have a 15 year old daughter and 11 year old son.


I have a 30 year background in developmental psychology and psychotherapy; with a Ph.D. from Cambridge University on the Mother-Baby relationship.


I've been working specifically with mothers and mothers-to-be since 2001.


I used to ignore my needs, judge myself almost constantly, and feel full of guilt and shame. I put off doing what I loved.


As the years of me being a mother went by, I learnt that if I wanted to meet my children's needs, listen to their feelings, and encourage them to follow their unique path and do what they love, and help them grow up without any self-judgment, then I needed to do all those things for myself.


So, I learnt to value my own needs, to listen even more deeply to my feelings and to do what I love. 


I got free from guilt and shame and instead of judging myself, I now have a compassionate inner dialogue.


And now I also have unconditional love and acceptance for all other mothers too.


Over the years, I saw many mothers having similar kinds of challenges that I had - wanting to meet their children's needs, wanting their children to grow up without self-judgment, wanting their children to be free to follow their own unique life journey, and yet ignoring their own needs and feelings, judging themselves, feeling guilty, and not doing what they loved.


And that's why I've become passionate about helping mothers.


I know it's possible to change our relationship with ourselves, and that in doing so, we have so much more capacity to help our children thrive.


Which is why I wanted to make the Love Being a Mother material accessible to many more mothers!

Get Immediate Access!

Here are some testimonials from the course:


I really GET the way to 'vaccinate' my children from low self-esteem, judging, shaming and blaming is to role model it!

So now I am really fuelled to give myself what I want my children to claim and own for themselves throughout their lives.

I am also back on track with my soul purpose.

You've allowed me to open and love so many dark places and beliefs.

I am so grateful.

I am a more balanced mum, more grateful wife and more connected soul.


Because of this, I started a podcast series with a friend of mine on the Wellness Couch called Nourishing the Mother.

I deeply value myself more. I deeply love my journey. I wish all mothers could find the heart felt connection and compassion I did.

The past few days since I have been getting around to this course material have resulted in me waking up early to exercise and center myself with some reading, work on the course material, and meditation, and the rest of the days spent with my son have been filled with SO MUCH MORE LAUGHTER, PLAY, DANCING, SILLINESS and long present times that end with me feeling surprised the timer has already gone off because I was loving the time as much as my child!

It is such a huge testament to how important self care is, and even the act of setting aside time to work on changing some of my old ways of being has left me feeling so rejuvenated....

Marion, I just wanted to thank you for your inspiring and caring teachings, and the space they give us as mothers....

More and more I am finding myself choosing this deep compassion for myself, which makes the compassion I have cultivated for others so much more authentic!

Sarah S

I knew that working with Marion would be a joy; I knew I would benefit from her gentle compassion, her wisdom and her ability to prompt profound insight.

I didn't know that I would be literally stopped in my tracks in Module 2 and compelled to more honestly examine the topic of authenticity than I'd ever dared to do before.

Marion has such a gentle way of encouraging us to look more closely at our lives, to listen more attentively to our desires, and she asks each of us to be as compassionate and loving and generous with ourselves as we are with our children.

Less than a year after I started the course I have moved cities with my family, resigned from my corporate career and launched a business that I feel passionate about, and these changes have created a level of harmony, contentment and joy that our family was missing beforehand.

The Love Being a Mother course has been nothing short of life-changing for me.


Actually, if you want the truth, the course transformed my life.

I knew I needed more healing and awareness in my life and mothering.

I feel so much clearer about who I am and how I want to be in the world.

I have started remembering and doing the things I love like gardening and going out dancing and decorating the house with flowers.

I am playing with my kids more and am generally lighter and more loving with them.

I have gained so much clarity and have been able to implement incredible tangible changes in my day to day life, wow!

Thank you Marion for facilitating this and giving your heart and knowledge, you are a gift from the gods.....


Thank you for the exquisite beauty of the course and the meditations are sooooo divine!